Revelation Online Stardust Update Comes on April 12th

Revelation Online Stardust update will come on April 12th. This update will introduce a Guild vs Guild map Starshatter Island which will give players the chance to charge into epic team skirmishes, battling monsters and rival guilds in the hope of preventing them from getting their undeserving hands on the wealth of resources embedded within the landscape.






















Each instance of Starshatter can hold up to 400 players, though only 60 players from the same guild can enter the same instance. Once inside the map, all players' levels are automatically adjusted to 79. While this may be a PvP map, killing other players will not increase PvP slayer value. This is a team effort rather than a deathmatch arena. Details can be found on the official site.


New game trailer for upcoming Guild vs Guild map 

Global publisher and developer NetEase proudly announce that the major game update, Stardust, will be landing in Revelation Online on April 12. This massive patch introduces players to the new Guild vs Guild map Starshatter Island, the long-awaited Faerie’s Funland map, localization refinements, and various gameplay improvements based on community feedback.


Starshatter Island is a Guild vs Guild area in which they battle over the control of four precious crystal mining points. Players will fight vicious monsters and coordinate large scale attacks on rivaling guilds in order to gain the upper hand and mine the crystals’ resources. Starshatter Island lets multiple guilds, with a maximum of 400 players in total, unleash strategic conflicts of epic proportions!

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The Elder Scrolls Online starts a week-long full-game free trial

The Elder Scrolls Online, the other MMORPG with orcs and elves, has just started a week-long full-game free trial. I know, I too half-remember it going free-to-play but no, it has only dropped mandatory subscriptions. I've little interest in the world of The Elder Scrolls myself, our boy Brendy was not a fan when it came out, and Cobbo last year found it still too bland, but some others folks whose opinions I also respect do find things to like in TESO so… I might have a look-see during this trial.

The free trial started at 3 pm April 11th and will end up Tuesday, April 18th at 3 pm, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can all join in. It offers the full base game but not any of the DLC expansion bits. Players will also get a little spending money for the microtransaction store – enough to buy one of the cheaper costumes. Go on, buy yourself something kinda-nice-but-not-too-fancy.


Progress from the trial will be saved if you fancy buying the game in full afterward. TESO is on sale for keepsies too, down to £6.60 for the regular version and £19.99 for the Gold Edition which includes several expansions. Tamriel Unlimited normally goes for $30/£20/€30 on Steam, while the Gold Edition is $60/£40/€50. If you decide to spring for the game during or after the free week is over, any characters, purchases, and progress you've made will carry over.   

Swing on by Steam for the trial on Windows and Mac and all that. Trials aren't usually rare or special for MMORPGs but TESO doesn't have one as standard.


Our Alec recently had a look at the next TESO expansion, which will revisit the lands of Morrowind. You'll have to wait until June to follow in his footsteps and wander Vvardenfell remembering when you were so young and the sunsets glowed with the excitement of an evening to come not the quiet dread of the dark.


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